BREAKING:What Lebron James Said To Derrick Rose After First Contact

Amid the drama surrounding the Cavaliers following the revelation that Kyrie Irvinghas requested a trade, Cleveland Cavaliers has reportedly agreed to a one-year, $2.1M deal with Derrick Rose.

And while LeBron James has said that he will stay out of the trade discussions, letting the front office and new general manager Koby Altman handle things, The King was reportedly in contact with Rose throughout the recruitment process.

Shortly after the reports came out, LeBron himself took to Twitter to seemingly confirm the news, sending out numerous rose emojis along with “Let’s Rock G!!”

It’s hard to really tell too much from this, but it at least seems from the outside that the move was co-signed by LeBron.

He’s not actually the GM, despite what the Twitter dot com jokes may say, but James holds immense power and influence and largely dictates the way the team will play. If he didn’t think that Rose would be a helpful addition, it’s unlikely the Cavs would have signed him, especially given Rose’s decline in recent years.

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