TRUMP WINS: Newt Gingrich Just Exposed Mueller For Who He REALLY is

Newt Gingrich joined Sean Hannity last night and leaked the REAL truth about Robert Mueller’s “investigation” into President Trump. He revealed something so shocking that Trump must fire Robert Mueller immediately.

This comes just hours after Mueller announced he was expanding his investigation into Trump, now probing his worldwide business transactions. What Newt leaked about Mueller could shut his investigation down before he destroys Trump.

Newt revealed that Robert Mueller’s law firm gave 99.81% of their donations to Hillary Clinton in 2016. Now as Special Prosecutor, he has been expanding his staff and adding Hillary’s former lawyers to help “investigate” Trump. Now Newt has a plan to stop it.

Gingrich outlined how exactly Congress could oust Robert Mueller so Trump wouldn’t have to fire him. As a Former Speaker of the House, he knows how these things work so they need to listen.  WATCH the video below then SHARE on Facebook so we can make this go viral!.

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