NASA Satellite Images Suggest Hurricanes Are Being Engineered: 2 More are Coming

Patrick Roddie, an activist known for taking rain samples and proving their contamination with high levels of aluminum and other geoengineering related materials found NASA Worldview satellite pictures, that show suspicious patterns around the recent hurricanes Harvey and Irma, and the paths they follow/are about to follow.

In this video, one can see the feathery features, haze, and wave patterns commonly seen in a chem-trail* sprayed and electromagnetically zapped sky, appearing around the hurricanes and their paths. Lines of sprayed aerosols and wispy, feathery features easily recognizable as geoengineering material were spotted around the recent hurricanes.

The anomalous nature of hurricanes Harvey and Irma, and possibly the new hurricanes Jose and Katia, should prompt people to investigate whether or not geoengineering played a role in this.

I know this sounds like a ‘crazy conspiracy theory’ but did you know about the UN Treaty concerning weather weapons from 1979?

Below is an interview with Ben Livingston who received a medal from President Johnson for his work modifying the weather an making it rain on demand in the Vietnam War. That was 40 plus years ago … Imagine what technology they have now …

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